NAFCO was founded in 1991. It is the 1st brand in the corporate portfolio of Stanley Pearlman Enterprises, Inc.

NAFCO is an industry-leading processor and distributor of safe, high-quality, commodity fish products. We provide a range of profitable solutions for our customers, primarily retailers, because our substantial cold storage and production capabilities address the scale of their diverse needs. 

We offer a full, private label service for customers. We  source your product, aid in the design of your packaging, pack it ourselves, and distribute the product to your desired markets nationwide.

Our Mission

NAFCO works hard to be a powerful partner to retailers needing high-quality, high-volume, safe, sustainable, globally sourced seafood.   

We provide customized, out-of-the-box solutions for our partners using the latest in technology to ensure our products are processed and packaged with safety, quality, consistency, and speed in mind.

Whether it’s farm-raised, wild caught, fresh, live or frozen, NAFCO is your all-in-one ticket for seafood success! 

Our Culture

Seafood is arguably the most diverse, center-of-the-plate protein with an enormous array of species available to consumers. As an industry leading seafood wholesaler, processor, and distributor, we are able to navigate the wave of complexities demanded by our industry. We have an unyielding commitment to providing safe, high-quality, sustainable seafood that paves the way to enduring, profitable partnerships with our customers.