North Atlantic Fish Company

We state it clearly on our packaging. North Atlantic Fish Company. “The Best Sustainable Seafood on the Planet.”

Our customized, case ready, Vacuum Skin Packaging (VSP) gives North Atlantic Fish Company a competitive edge in our industry.

VSP extends shelf life and enhances presentation, which makes our line of products very appealing to customers and profitable for retailers.

This type of packaging is leak-proof and resistant to freezer burn. The highly permeable film allows us to safely ship fresh and frozen portion-controlled products. It also reduces the need for additives.

Our case-ready seafood packaging provides a total seafood solution to our retail and food service customers with products ranging from Atlantic Salmon Steaks to Cold Water Lobster Tails and King Crab Legs.

Ask our team about our line of North Atlantic Fish Company products and how we can help you meet the seafood demands of your customers.