NAFCO covers the world with an industry-leading ability to responsibly source, process, and distribute a vast array of seafood products. Our team knows the seafood business inside and out, because we are first in class, equipped with knowledge and a network of connections extending from the seas to the supermarket aisles. Our staff is made up of seafood veterans from all segments of the industry. Our elite team of buyers enables NAFCO to provide top-tier seafood products and high quality support to your organization. With NAFCO, you have a valuable and trusted partner committed to providing major retailers with competitively priced products and a total seafood solution.  

Cold Storage

Our state-of-the-art cold storage facilities encompass more than 330,000 square feet for fresh processing and frozen storage.


Our high-volume processing facility allows for a dynamic range of manufacturing giving us the flexibility to process and produce custom cuts, private label and value-added items, and seafood meal kits. 

NAFCO Delivers Top-Tier Solutions

Private Label

We have the ability to source and create private label lines for our customers. We can even provide customized packaging and branding, and offer merchandising support. Whatever your needs may be, if you can dream it, we want to be your partner for bringing your seafood product to market. 

Coast-to-Coast Distribution

Our professional transportation team manages our fleet of refrigerated tractor trailers and straight trucks to make local, regional and coast-to-coast fresh and frozen seafood deliveries. 

Food Safety

We have a long and distinguished track record of providing safe-to-eat, delicious seafood.  Seafood is the only widely consumed protein that is not subject to a mandatory government inspection.  And so, we created our own stringent food safety practices given the void of industry standards.

Quality Assurance

You can count on NAFCO for the highest-grade of seafood with every delivery. Our promise of quality assurance extends to the start of the journey, because we work with fisherman and aquafarms who are reputable, trusted partners. 

NAFCO Covers The Globe